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SHRM Certification Overview

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Starting March 6th through May 1st

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1. Why are these certifications important?  

Business demands have changed and SHRM, as the leader in HR professional development, has the responsibility of ensuring our members have the tools and resources they need to meet those expectations. The SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP certifications will demonstrate proficiency in the core competencies that make you a successful HR professional in this changing global environment.

2. How will SHRM’s competency-based certification differ from others?

Most certification exams are knowledge-based—they test what you know. SHRM’s new competency-based certification is at the forefront of certifications that are focused on teaching and testing the practical, real-life information HR professionals need to excel in their careers and drive business outcomes today, including knowledge, skills, and competencies. The SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP will more closely measure not only what you know, but how you apply that knowledge in the situations you face every day. This is the evolving standard in individual assessments and is being adopted by leading testing bodies.

3. Why does including competency make more sense for a certification?

Business futurists predict that if the pace of change continues, half of the jobs in the U.S. and around the world will be replaced by technology or changes to business operations. By defining the standards for the practice of good HR beyond basic knowledge, and demonstrating our unique and critical value, we ensure the continued leadership role our profession plays in the business community.

Competency-based assessments are needed to enhance our professional standards, and are being urgently sought by the business community and HR practitioners. Currently only 12 percent of HR professionals are certified— well under the levels found in other professions. SHRM recognized there was an opportunity to significantly enhance the relevance of HR certifications. This is why we began pursuing the development of a competency-based certification, which will not only test your HR technical knowledge, but also your behavioral competencies (See SHRM’s Competency Model). This sets a new and universal standard for the profession and better prepares HR professionals for the business changes that lie ahead.

4. What will this mean for me if I have an HRCI credential?

You will not lose or have to give up any of your current credentials in order to obtain the new SHRM Certification.

HRCI Certification Overview

HRCI certification is a career-long commitment that demonstrates dedication, credibility and a mastery of the principles of human resources to your employers, clients, staff members and professional peers around the globe. Certification attests to the investment you have made in your HR career and holds a recognized place in the profession.

To become certified, you must meet strict professional experience and educational requirements before taking the exam. To remain certified, you must stay current in the HR profession and recertify every three years. You display your certification by putting the credential after your name.

Earning HRCI Certification Sets You Apart

  • provides you with a fully accredited credential – All of our core products are accredited and meet the National Commission for Certifying Agencies’ (NCCA) rigorous standards.
  • validates your expertise – HRCI certification provides you with competency based, professionally relevant credentials that are highly valued in HR and business communities.
  • connects you to an exclusive network of motivated HR professionals around the globe – Nearly 140,000 certified HR thought leaders work in more than 100 countries and territories.
  • delivers nearly 40 years of history – Established in 1976, HRCI is the largest HR certification organization in the world.
  • earns recognition from your organization and peers – Business leaders find HR certified professionals to be more self-motivated.

How Certification Differs from a Certificate Program

Compared with certificate programs, certification has three main advantages:

  • requires specific work experience, competency and education
  • requires recertification, which makes sure that you stay current in the HR profession through continuing education
  • allows you to put the letters after your name

In other words, certification typically consists of the three "E"s: education, experience and examination.