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Managing Pay Equity: Getting Started and Making it Sustainable


July 20, 2021
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
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Program Description:

Jeff Lee, Director of People Analytics at Aon, will share trends and best practices for managing pay equity, based on Aon’s experience supporting 200+ clients in the past several years. Key topics to be covered will include:

  • What is pay equity? How is it typically defined/measured?
  • What trends do we see in pay equity – both in terms of the gender and race/ethnicity pay gaps that we find, and in how organizations are thinking about the issue?
  • How can employers take a proactive approach? How is pay equity evaluated, and what data is required?
  • What are some best practices for remediating pay gaps and for positioning pay equity as a sustainable part of the annual compensation cycle?
  • How can organizations contextualize pay equity as part of a broader Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strategy?

Presented by:

Jeff Lee, Director of People Analytics, Aon

As a Director in Aon’s People Analytics practice, Jeff has led pay equity projects in service to a diverse set of clients ranging from small non-profits and educational institutions to multinational corporations with 50,000+ staff operating in dozens of countries. In this capacity, he leads the identification of similarly situated job groups for analysis, coordinates the development of statistical models to measure pay gaps, and guides organizations in interpreting pay equity findings and in developing sustainable action plans for pay adjustments and corporate communication.

In addition to pay equity analysis, Jeff oversees the delivery of statistical models, analyses, and dashboards for a variety of HR applications, including location analytics, strategic workforce planning, and attrition risk modeling.

Before joining Aon, Jeff worked for Summit Consulting, LLC, where he led teams in the analysis of financial and administrative data in service to clients throughout the US federal government. At Summit, he oversaw the development of econometric forecasting models, the assessment and redesign of business processes, the completion of cost-benefit analyses, and the creation of automated dashboards and workflow tools to streamline federal agency operations.


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